Subharun Pal, Distinguished Business Excellence Leader - Supply Chain Management

Bangalore, India

Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed guests, and my fellow pursuers of knowledge,

I address you today with a heart full of gratitude and a spirit humbled by the weight of the accolades bestowed upon me. I am Subharun Pal, your compatriot in the realm of interdisciplinary scholarship, a humble sojourner upon the vast expanses of intellectual exploration.

My academic ventures, nurtured within the esteemed environments of the Swiss School of Management's SSM Research Centre and the European International University, have been punctuated by a commitment to scholarly discourse across a spectrum of disciplines. This devotion has been encapsulated in the form of 31 research papers, contributions to 13 book chapters, and the honour of addressing several key conferences. My endeavours have been further recognised through 13 patents within India and the UK and the authorship of 17 books that serve as beacons of knowledge within their respective fields.

The narrative of my scholarly journey is interwoven with the fabric of such venerable institutions as the Indian Institutes of Technology at Jammu and Patna, the Indian Institutes of Management at Calcutta and Ranchi, and Edith Cowan University in Perth, among others. Their walls have borne witness to the expansion of my academic contributions, which have garnered endorsements from illustrious global entities.

The recognition I have received, from the Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership Excellence in Supply Chain Management from the 29th Journalist Association of India Global Awards to the Bharat Bhushan Award for Leadership Excellence from the Star Awards, is a testament not to my individual prowess but to the collective spirit of inquiry that we share. The Global Research Conference's Best Supply Chain Professional Excellence Award 2023 and the GHRT - Uttam Bharat Puraskar 2023 for thought leadership are but acknowledgments of a shared dedication to transcending the traditional confines of our disciplines.

Beyond the scholastic achievements and the laurels that have graciously been attributed to my name, my essence lies in the quieter moments of reflection and the joyous pursuit of peripatetic wanderings. In the embrace of enigmatic terrains, I find not only solace but a wellspring of inspiration, feeding my voracious appetite for knowledge in the diverse spheres of management, law, education, engineering, and the vanguard of technologies.

As an ardent proponent of the cross-pollination of ideas, I have sought to weave a tapestry of collaborative efforts, marrying disparate fields to hatch innovative solutions to the multifaceted challenges of our era. These partnerships have often culminated in pioneering methodologies that reach beyond conventional borders, fostering a culture of synergistic innovation.

In my role as a mentor, I take pride in illuminating the path for burgeoning minds, imparting wisdom and igniting the flames of curiosity within the next generation. My mission extends beyond the mere dissemination of knowledge; it is to cultivate a lineage of thinkers emboldened to navigate and shape the future.

In closing, I stand before you not as a solitary figure but as a fragment of a greater constellation, one that values the interlacing of disciplines, the perpetual growth of the self, and the relentless quest to harness our collective intellect in service of society's most pressing enigmas. It is my sincere hope that my contributions will echo through the corridors of time, inspiring a legacy of innovation and intellectual bravery.

I am deeply honoured by your recognition and am infinitely committed to continuing our shared journey towards enlightenment and the betterment of our world.

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