St Anthony's Convent Higher Secondary School - Best School of the Year 2019 - Thane, Maharashtra


St Anthony's Convent Higher Secondary School Has Been Awarded as Best School of the Year 2019 - Thane, Maharashtra in Nationwide Awards 2019 in  Education Awards Category Organised by Business Mint

St. Anthony Convent Higher Secondary School, Badlapur is a private Permanent unaided school, established in the year of the millennium and managed by the vibrant trust members of St. Anthony Educational and Welfare Trust. The school has a well-built building which is situated amongst the green besides the Ulhas River. The school boasts of its large playground for the students and prioritize academics with activities at the same time. A set of activities are directed towards an efficient and effective utilization of organizational resources in order to achieve organizational goal and improve the standards of achievement through learning.

We provide an efficient life in the school for the students to help them blossom their personality in all the aspect of life and to inculcate different qualities and values, in life so as to provide healthy atmosphere with new innovative and improved methods. The school was founded in the year 2001 and has slowly and steadily progressed since then, up to higher secondary school i.e. from I to XII [Arts, Commerce and Science]. The school prepares the student for State Board: Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C. Examination) as well as Higher Secondary School Certificate (H.S.C. Examination) Mumbai . The school also boasts of its activity based teaching programs and stress free mind programs for the student with MEXUS Education.

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