Simple Virtues of leadership by the leader of the year- Mr. Rohit Nayyar, the winner of Nationwide Pharma Marketing Excellence Awards


Business Mint- INDIA’S LEADING & MOST CREDIBLE MARKET RESEARCH ORGANIZATION annually conducts “Nationwide Pharma Marketing Excellence Awards”. The purpose behind the award is to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of a marketeer towards the brand or initiatives dedicated to improve patient outcome.                          

Under the banner of the awards, we got an opportunity to interact with Mr. Rohit Nayyar. Mr. Nayyar with his enriched experience of more than 14 years and apt acumen in the field of marketing, is catapulting the growth of cardiology portfolio of Lupin Ltd. as a Cluster Head (Sales & Marketing)- cardiology. With his outstanding adroitness & efficiency he is a deserving personality for the leader of the year 2022. The man who is a torchbearer for a humungous portfolio of Lupin-cardiology, was humble enough during our dialogue with him. With ease & simplicity, he mentioned nuances of leadership and pearls of success for younger aspirants. For the benefit of all who want to be an acclaimed leader, we published the essence of the conversation here.

Q: 1 Leaders are born, not made…How would you respond to this famous quote?

I believe that great leadership comes from an individual with some inborn qualities. However, one can be a successful leader by inculcating good habits or imbibing a few qualities of a good leader. This can surely help to create more great leaders.

Q: 2 Many times I wonder, a person laden with lots of responsibilities like you, how do they plan their day? Can you shed some light on how you plan your day?

A balanced and proactive approach is likely to be helpful in this case. I use a very proactive approach to keep up with my personal and professional commitments. I handle my responsibilities by setting priorities. I also ensure to keep the priorities first. I usually plan my day a day before or a night before.


Q: 3 Being a marketeer and a leader, you might be the best person to tell us about, what are the virtues/ qualities, which transform a person from a mere marketeer to a leader.

To transform from a marketeer to a leader, it is very essential to have a different mindset. One should be sharp with the numbers and have a very high focus on ROI. Secondly, one has to be customer-centric. A customer-centric approach should not only be limited to external customers but internal customers as well. It is also important to have a clear vision. To be a leader, one should always have an eye for innovation and come up with new initiatives. This can be achieved by thinking out of the box.

Q: 4 “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”- when we have an excellent leader like you with us, we are keen to know what are those habits a leader should imbibe.

A good leader should demonstrate high integrity and have an attitude of gratitude. He/she should also be highly empathic and have a high empathy quotient. Most importantly, a leader should be a very good listener. A leader is also responsible for making decisions within an organization and attracting growth.

Q: 5: Many times in our professional life we face a dilemma between financial growth & intellectual growth, what do you suggest from your experience, the best way forward in such situations?

Intellectual growth has always been a priority. When one aims for consistent growth in their career and seeks higher responsibilities, financial growth will follow. So, I believe that learning will always be followed by money.

Q: 6 For the young cadre of marketeers who inspires to become successful leaders in their careers, what are the ‘Success Mantras’ you wish to convey to them?

To become a successful leader, a marketeer should have high integrity and develop a positive attitude. One should always strive to be a good leader. Marketeers should have an eye on execution and excellence because a lot of campaigns and big strategies are being conducted that require the marketeers to imbibe various qualities and be successful leaders.

Q: 7 In this era of information technology & digitalization, how do you see the digital technologies in healthcare will help improve patient outcomes?

There is a very close association between patient outcomes in healthcare and information technology. Digitalization facilitates advanced patient management systems and good medication practices. Technology provides a huge interface between patients and doctors. Artificial intelligence (AI) always keeps doctors and patients connected. The latest digital technology will later cater to instruments. With the implementation of information technology, a doctor, caregiver, and patient will always remain updated.

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