Silpa Brahmaiahgari, Best Emerging Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

Hyderabad, India

Silpa’s entrepreneurial journey had begun in 2018. she has spent a couple of years analyzing the educational trends, student needs, gaps in the industry, and technology requirements in this market.
The educational sector is playing a significant role in the overall development of India and has seen the largest networks of educational institutions in the past 10 years. The shift from classroom-based learning to student-centric learning has made her come up with a model that builds holistic development of the student.    
She has established Tuition HUB in May 2021 with the objective of providing quality online tutoring services for both academic and hobby classes. As the saying goes, “The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step”, Tuition HUB started with a single student. COVID-19 pandemic has shown that tutoring services can be expanded to the length and breadth of various parts of the world, provided that we have the right team.

She has focused on hiring the right tutors who can take her vision to next level. Within no time, it won the hearts of many students in India, USA, UK, CANADA, and AUSTRALIA and is growing. She strongly believes that the tutors are the pillars of Tuition HUB. Her focus on process improvement and providing quality services to students is the key reason to receive ISO 9001: 2015 certification in 2021. As technology is the backbone of online services, within a short span, TuitionHUB collaborated with Leading EdTech companies and launched the TuitionHUB app and learning portal.
She acknowledges the fact that her hubby Mr. Prasad is the primary source of inspiration, a lot of debates and discussions helped in empowering her to the position where she stands today.
She says that the journey has just begun and long way to go!!

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