Siddhesh Dongare, Author - Shape Your Life By Changing Perspective Book - Author Category

Maharashtra, India


Siddhesh Suryakant Dongare, the well-known author of "Shape Your Life By Changing Perspective," has been chosen for the Nationwide Under 40 Awards by Business Mint in the Author Category. This big recognition shows Dongare's special skill to shape views, share stories of growth, and support the strong idea that changing how we see things can transform our lives.

Dongare's nomination shows his diverse expertise as an inventor, agility coach, and project management, as well as his important contributions to global open banking, data science, and personal development. His dedication to helping people unlock their full potential really fits with what the Nationwide Under 40 Awards stand for.

Feeling thankful for the nomination, Siddhesh Dongare said, "I am very honored to be recognized for the Nationwide Under 40 Awards. My journey has been guided by a love for learning and a commitment to helping others realize what they can achieve. This nomination tells me that positive change is something we can do together, and I'm grateful for the chance to make a meaningful difference in the personal and professional growth of people all around the world."

Nationwide Under 40 Awards celebrate young achievers from different fields, highlighting their great contributions to society. As the event gets closer, excitement grows for a special celebration of the achievements of individuals like Siddhesh Suryakant Dongare, who represent innovation, leadership, and a commitment to making a positive impact.

Siddhesh Dongare is not just a name; he is a visionary force making positive changes in information technology, project management, and personal development. Coming from India, Siddhesh has many roles – an experienced IT professional, a skilled project management expert, a creative mind, an influential author, a caring life coach, and a guiding mentor.

With a deep vision to empower people by changing the way they see things, Siddhesh has made his mark in various areas. As an inventor, he brings out new solutions that redefine what is possible. His role as an Agility Coach, certified in various areas, shows his dedication to fostering agility in people and organizations. Also, he has important certifications like PMP, PMI ACP, SAFe Scrum Master, and is a Certified Lean Six Sigma practitioner.

Beyond his work, Siddhesh supports open banking globally and is a pioneer in the vast areas of data science, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. His journey is a rich tapestry of experiences, all connected by his unwavering commitment to always learn and grow personally.

As a mentor, Siddhesh shares his wisdom generously, guiding others on their paths to success. His book, "Shape Your Life By Changing Perspective," is a source of inspiration, touching readers worldwide. Through his simple yet powerful words, Siddhesh encourages people to embrace change, show empathy, and navigate life's complexities with a fresh perspective.

Siddhesh Dongare is a pathfinder of perspectives, a storyteller of growth, and an advocate for the transformative power of changing perspectives. His vision is to empower individuals to embrace change, cultivate empathy, and navigate the complexities of life through the lens of a changing perspective. In a world where simplicity meets depth, he stands as a living proof of the impact one person can have on many lives.

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