Shilpa Reddy ( Urban Eateryy ) - Most Trending Home Baker - 2020, Hyderabad


Shilpa Reddy Has Been Awarded as Most Trending Home Baker - 2020, Hyderabad in NationWide Awards 2020 in Women Awards Category Organised by Business Mint

Missing your timely sojourns to a nearby bakery tucked away into a line of shops in a busy circle with neatly stacked flavorful muffins, pastries, etc. on display? The guilty pleasure is short-lived the flavors continue to linger and bring a warm smile on its patrons. However, the lockdown has separated the gateau from its patrons for too long. Not anymore, says Shilpa Reddy, a baker from Manikonda. Staying true to her Hyderabadi roots of turning crisis into a sweet and surprising opportunity, she along with her two patissier friends has started a cozy patisserie. If you are greeted by a warm smell of baking the fresh bread and spices waft in the suburbs of Manikond early in the morning, it is the early birds of the “Urbaneateryhyd”, toiling away with their ingredients to oblige their morning orders. As easy as it may seem, the pretty pictures in their Instagram (@urbaneteryy_) feed involve a lot of hard work, patience, an eye for detail, last and the most important of all a great taste. Nothing they make passes through without an approving nod from their scrutinizing team of tasters which includes friends and family. When we are in doubt, it is always off the menu, says the young entrepreneur firmly. At the gates of the Urban Eatery outlet, a steady line delivery vehicles take off loaded with customized cakes, buns, bread, muffins, fruit cakes, ice cream cakes, customized desserts, etc. The outlet delivers across the city and is looking forward to collaborating with food delivery applications like Zomato and Swiggy.

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