Serene Designs and Consultants Pvt Ltd - Promising Company of the Year - 2021, MEP Design Category

New Delhi, India

Serene Designs and Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is awarded Promising Company of the year 2021, MEP Design category in Nationwide Awards 2021 Organized by Business Mint.
Buildings, however pristine or advanced they may look, need Electro-Mechanical (also commonly referred to as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)) systems to make the buildings liveable. MEP system of a building is akin to what is ‘soul’ to the ‘body’. Much as the body needs food and water to survive, MEP systems need resources (Energy, water, etc.)  to operate and make buildings functional. Diligence in the Design of MEP systems, thus determines, if the building is operationally wasteful or efficient. An optimized MEP system means minimizing resources consumption while fulfilling all functionality needs of the building.
We, at Serene Designs, are on a mission to make buildings more efficient while simultaneously reducing the owning costs. Through hundreds of operating buildings installed with our designed MEP systems, we have been able to irrefutably demonstrate that an efficient building not only is more efficient but can also cost lower to build. When we set out on this arduous journey we were up against industry stereotypes; one of them being “a more efficient building has to cost more”, we always retorted, “no, not necessarily” and it did take time and effort but we were able to overcome those stereotypes. Our designed and operating MEP systems are now the testimonials to prove just that. Our passion, albeit, sometimes, at odds with our business interests helped us to remain steadfast on our mission. Overcoming odds with passion is always sweeter. 
Another attribute about us that we would like to highlight is that we like to be challenged be it in the form of accommodating an Interior Designer’s/Architect’s wish (read it dictate!) to not see any air-conditioning grills/diffusers in some areas or overcoming the challenge of modifying the chilled water pipes of an operating ‘zero downtime’ critical Data Centre using liquid Nitrogen to freeze water in the pipes. Challenges thrown at us make us more passionate and helped us overcome those challenges with determination.
As we always promise ourselves to raise the bar for new challenges, we have now set out to challenge the age-old traditional water treatment methodology, in part inspired by the Noble prize-winning work of a renowned French Scientist. We are also working intensely to bring Deep Machine learning concepts into the MEP industry. Also, our immediate work-in-progress is to minimize human intervention in commercial kitchen duct cleaning.
We promise, to continue to strive for the change in the MEP design field through optimization, adaptation, and innovation. It’s a journey inspired by the passion for Serenity, for Bliss, and the urge to bequeath

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