Satyajeet Pradhan - Best Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 - Technology Category

Bangalore, India

Satyajeet Pradhan Has Been Awarded as Best Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 - Technology Category in Nationwide Awards 2020 in Entrepreneur Category Organised by Business Mint

If the challenges exists so must the solution. With this believe I founded Bizydale Nets, with the aim of becoming a one stop solution center for business. The out of the box tag line 'We Build! You Win!' says all about our mission. The idea execution days were not smooth and was quite challenging, filled with uncertainties. However with strong determination and never losing attitude made things easy.

I strongly believe that there is no lock without a key, that’s why there are no challenges without a solution. Being a solution thinker and a trend setter, my objective to found Bizydale Nets is to build solutions for business and improve their profitability, especially start ups who many times die due to failure in idea execution and of several operating challenges. I am a start up specialist and understand the challenges of a start up hence it was little easy for me to define a plan for myself before I started.

Bizydale Nets is into building futuristic and revolutionary solutions for premium hotels, resorts, real estates, automotive OEMs, dealers, retail outlets and many more. My experiences on managing startups, consulting business, operations, support gives me an understanding the solutions that the business need! Our unqiue productivity enhancer product "bizydale..the elevator to business success" and world's first intuitive travel networking site "trip n howl" showcases the level of our thought process and quality. We are currently working hard to release world's first mobile based Sales PIS(Performance Improvement System) for automotive and DSS(Dealer Service System).

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