RICHA GARG ASSOCIATES - Best Emerging Interior & Architecture Firm - 2022, Pune

Pune, India

Richa Garg Associates, a young studio established in — led by architect Richa Patil Aggarwal focuses on different realms of architecture and design. The firm has a strong suit in being design-centric. Their focus is on the pursuit of evolving as a firm and a unique design approach with each project broadening the way to create a difference. Their constant aim is to stand out in their commitment and extraordinary work further taking the legacy of design. Their design philosophy is delivering sustainable solutions with a practical method, helping to create a mark with their own style allied with aesthetics. It also emphasizes creating harmony with nature yet delivering vibrant and warm spaces that are adaptable to various conditions.

  Their collaboration with the clients is deeper in the terms much more than a project brief that carries an enhanced project execution. They constantly believe and try to strive in making the built environment with the utmost compassion which serves the purpose beyond the client’s expectations. The firm’s core expertise lies in interior, architecture and landscape design but the design philosophy and collaborative approach have allowed them to offer an expansive array of non-traditional design services and enabled them to effectively tackle complex projects.                                                                                              

They believe that every project comes with a new challenge but also holds the opportunity to unveil its unique characteristics which come from various constraints prevailing on the site. Hence it is inturned into a golden opportunity to further drive the process and transform it in a passive manner that makes strong connections to their larger community within its context.

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