RAV INTERIORS has been recognized as the outstanding Interior Design Company of the Year - 2022, Bengaluru



RAV Interiors, founded in 2016 by Mr. Radhakrishna M based in Bangalore has earned a great reputation for the quality by delivering projects on time and within budget. Every project we take in is paid attention to every detail, evolving the customer needs by helping them to live better by transforming their house into a beautiful home. 

Having completed 700 projects in the last financial year, we stand as one of the best interior design companies in Bangalore. RAV Interiors is a team of experienced & talented architects and designers who have implemented hundreds of projects and taken company on the top positions. An energetic team of in-house architects, engineers, consultants work intensively with the clients, welcoming new insights that can lead to specific innovative solutions.

 We have a professional team striving to provide design excellence by utilizing the latest technology, creative thinking and maintaining close client interaction. Our motive is to provide solutions to tackle any problem the client might have. In addition, we ensure that each client gets special attention and have all of their queries sorted. We make sure that our clients are satisfied and content. We have a highly specialized and professional team that takes care of the client’s needs. 


The team and the company understand that interior designing is an essential part of our client's dreams, and they do not want them to feel lacking or dissatisfied at any point. We take pride in our hundred percent customer satisfaction rate. We strive to keep the streak alive. We are the second most followed Interior Design Company across all the Social Media platforms. However, the versatility and innovative designs are grabbing the attention of hundreds and thousands of people. Our customized designs are approved by each of our clients. We have worked with famous brands and businesses, influencers, celebrities, etc.

 Having completed up to 1000 projects till date, we are proud to say that we have over 2000 projects under our belt and are constantly trying to cross the milestone. In short, RAV Interiors is a work of art, and we employ art to create your dream home by giving a hundred percent in each of the projects with our amazing team of designers all the needs are taken care with keeping luxury, functionality, and aesthetics in mind to give you a beautiful nest to stay in for the rest of your lives understanding that the ultimate goal of every individual is to buy a nest of their own and transforming it into a breathable and healthy space. 

The main highlight of our service is the flexibility we give to the clients in every stage of the design process following the empathetical business approach to make the whole process an effortless journey for you. With two branches as of now in Bangalore, we plan on growing the company to a large scale in the near future. On an end note, we will continue to give the best experience to our clients by making the ordinary extraordinary for you.

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