Primeland Group has been recognized as the Most Innovative Weekend Home Project of the Year - 2022, Hyderabad


We work with a purpose and the purpose is to create value for everyone. At Primeland, we focus on developing positive, smarter and sustainable communities to elevate the lifestyles for everyone. We believe that every customer would like to be surrounded by the finer things in life, every property we develop has been prudently considered, thoughtfully planned, methodically designed and robustly built with a seasoned buyer in mind.

We strive to make a meaningful difference in everything we do, our ethos is rooted in our aspiration to provide every customer with something unique, both aesthetically and functionally by developing communities they have always aspired. Our commitment to our customers has been at the core of what we do and have always placed a premium on a collaborative and a “win-win” relationship’s.

Doing it Right is the core of who we are, Our Vision and our Mission are the reason why we do what we do. We’re relentlessly focused on creating exceptional life-spaces to create increased value for everyone. Our vision is "To deliver thoughtfully crafted communities that elevates properties from developments into extraordinary places to live, work and shop".

We are passionate about what we do and we believe that Real Estate Development can change the landscape of the markets and also to the people’s lives. We’re relentlessly focused on growth opportunities to create increased value for everyone.

We work with a purpose and the purpose is to create value for every stake holder that is associated with us, whether it is a minute detail, a complex design, or a business transaction. We have constantly evolved to the changing markets to promote a positive change. We do what we say and believe in doing the right thing. We are honest about what we think and commit only when we have conviction.

We celebrate progress not just results. We believe everything we do has to be of the highest possible standard at all times. What some call difficult, we love doing it. We go beyond property development to creating meaningful and sustainable communities that are built to last. We care for nature and constantly emphasize on the best practices to significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment.

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