Nishant Tandon - Best Emerging Multi Skill & Business Transformation Leader - 2020

Bangalore, India

Nishant Tandon is awarded as Best Emerging Multi Skill & Business Transformation Leader - 2020 in Nationwide Awards 2020 Organised by Business Mint


The younger generation often feels misguided and confused about their career. They need someone who can guide them through the hard phases of life. Similarly businesses want to scale their operations and management. A consultant who can provide expert advice is what they need.

This is when a transformational leader like Nishant Tandon comes into the picture. Commonly known as “Whiz Kid” and “live wire”, he has delivered several inspirational programs to individuals and organizations. Even Fortune 500 companies, small business enterprises and small-medium enterprises have benefited from his talks and consulting services. He has been successful traditionally with minimum digital presence before and now with his digital availability he can be reached easily. 

He talks combinedly of culture, spirituality, science, psychology and tradition. Up to 1400 people have attended his programs. It shows how impressive he is and how effective, yet practical his talks are.

Nishant’s talks are relatable, funny, structured, yet practical. He talks about the traditional spirit and highlights the advent of technology at the same time. He has played a crucial role in several business organizations, thus improving customer service and making the operation excellent. He has also helped them to increase the revenue generated through sales.

Nishant is a passionate and energetic entrepreneur. He learnt the assets and liabilities of life after bouncing back from several atrocities. Nowadays, he has emerged as a reputed academician and business transformational leader as well. This vibrant entrepreneur had confessed that he treated life as an educating agent. He is the leading global founder of NTI World. This consulting firm improves productivity. It synchronizes strategy and talent. As a result, this talent transformation organization enables sustainable business.

Nishant has shaped up the business in such a way that it seamlessly becomes a part of the client’s business. His talent management and business intelligence competency when clubbed with brand marketing can produce great outcomes. As a result, it is easier to find out the challenges the client faces. The goal of NTI World is to help the clients meet their goals effortlessly. His career and journey is an inspiring story of never laid back,  has turned him into the successful professional he is today. One can easily feel positivity and motivated in his presence. Besides being so passionate and successful at work, he is emotional, composed, kind and a very grounded person in his group of leaders as many suggest about him.

From putting the client first and rest aside he is always been appreciated with his commitments. He has written some e-books like "Career Breakthrough -A hacked Interview" to unskill the future generation readiness. His brand NPower has been one of the most trusted brands during the 2020 as well. NPower has introduced products for those anyone who wanted to start with their digital academy and for students, with his vision another WaaS was introduced which is most unique product for aspiring students who want to have a digital presence other than social media. NPower Academy is his own website which is launching next year after the "Global Talent Converge 2020" which is yet again the 1st of its kind in the world with 60 days 60 speaker, is concluded.

This dedication towards clients helps NTI support its economy and corporate. The leadership of NTI believes in discovering and transforming hitherto untapped human resources to competent professionals. NTI World is a dynamic organization that realizes the need to make education productive and valuable. Many dedicated academicians and energetic entrepreneurs have collaborated for NTI World. The main goal of NTI is to draw out the best skills in people. As a result, they rejuvenate businesses that had hitherto flopped in social media. NTI World has collaborated with several new brands and helped them grow fast. It assists the businesses by maximizing human capital talent. It enhances human capital and leaves an impressive impact through training.

Nishant has been the youngest achiever in Asia to grab an award for being a part of multiple domains. His speeches and tools act as valuable content for personal growth and business. He has acted as a business solution leader in several domains. This dynamic personality is also an expert in non-BPO IT, business solutIons in HR, consultation and training. He utilizes experiential studying with a dash of engaging humour. 

This dynamic achiever was nominated and awarded at Global Education and Corporate Leadership Awards recently as a “Performance Excellence Award in Leadership" in 2020. He was noticed for the Golden Eagle Asian Achiever Awards, Singapore in Jan'2020. He is one of the young World Gratitude Ambassadors. In the Annual Indian Education Awards of 2020, Nishant had been nominated as the Education Entrepreneur of the year where media partner.

In 2019, for his outstanding contribution in the skill and education sector, an Honorary Recognition was given under Personality Development, Industry Culture and Environment category, an event that has been supported MNRE, MSME, AICTE, AIU, CMAI, CBSE, TEMA, NSIC, and more, at National Conference on Skilling in Higher Education.

The man behind the Global Talent Converges and Awards worldwide has also won a national award for innovative HR practices in 2018. The same year, MI Nepal had awarded him the MI Nepal Honor. In 2017, he got a consulting excellence award and more is less for him.

He has been involved with half a dozen international educational institutions as Guest Lecturer in Asia-subcontinent and outside of Asia too. The Cosmic College, SOMTU, Kathford College, Phoenix College from Nepal which he considered to be his game changer land, had provided him with a token of honour in the last 2 years.

His structured talks have been considered effective for trade. Nishant has been a transformational mentor with tremendous experience in Consumer Goods, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Automobile, Aviation, Hospitality, Banking and Insurance.

People often ask that Nishant Tandon is just in his 30's how can he be a Business, Leadership Mentor/Learning Solutions Expert? Wisdom comes with Age. Here's his answer: Wisdom results from depth and breadth of experience over time. Here is a very, very basic example of what I mean…

A farmer who has only cultivated potatoes on the same plot of land will have endless wisdom on the matter through his years of experience in that field (pun intended)—but that doesn’t make him the world’s wisest farmer. Not by a long shot. The world’s wisest farmer might be much younger than the potato farmer, but has experienced more in the sense that he has cultivated other root vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes, and has done so in different climates, different seasons, all around the world. Sure the farmer is older, and has more experience in his niche, but all that makes him is a patato expert. He can’t speak to farming as a whole in the same way the younger, more experienced farmer can.

As Nishant says “Forget about age”

Age will not bring you wisdom if the majority of your experience through life is repetitive, monotonous and virtually unchanging. If one wants to be wise, become a student of life, and learn as much as you can through experience. He reminds that more than 70% of the top 30 billionaires in the world were the ones who joined the league when they were in their teens or 30’s.

Also popular as Livewire Nishant, he incorporates valuable content for individual and corporate development. His memorable talks are considered to be a standard, but non-secular Technology of Achievement.

Business Mint recognized his endeavours and decided to reward his hard work. The jury felicitated him with an award in the category of Best Emerging Multi Skill & Business Transformation Leader, 2020.

This zealous entrepreneur is out on a mission to impact the world for the better. He claims that he is only discovering methods to advance his dream. He is passionate about inspiring, educating young professionals to achieve something great and businesses to transform with the upcoming times.

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