Nisha Rishab Lamba - Promising Educator with Excellence in French Classes - 2021

Mumbai, India

Nisha Rishab Lamba Founder /Director Nisha’s French Classes, Mentor, Life skills coach for teens
Graduated from BCOM from Mumbai university I have come À long way, studying is my passion and
upgrading my skills is À hobby. Having experimented in various field of education gave me grey hair
of knowledge as I believe that patience and hard work is key to success
Staying humble, grounded, and motivated is key to my success I believe in an attitude that says
“Never Say Die” and that keeps me pushing to achieve my goal
Coming from À background that was full of Indian tradition but the principles that still I embed in
myself have accepted modernization from your brain and not heart and draw À line where it is necessary
I am À firm believer in modernization with Indianisation.
As À child I was always motivated to study hard and was lucky enough to not have pressure to
achieve grades always believed study, understand and utilize what you study. With no pressure for
grades, hunger to achieve knowledge and implement was always there. I could never understand how
to follow À roat learning process but conceptual learning was my core competency which kept me
attracted. However, grades did not follow much because of this attitude as while I was completing my
formal education traditional means did not favor modern methods of education but this thought kept
me motivated. Highly motivated with zeal to success I started working at À very early age, from
working in small jobs like marketing to managing company profiles had got hands-on experience in an
export form where À lot was been learned about corporate and foreign trade and venturing into
finance by working with HDFC and Kotak banks helped me to gain loads of knowledge but even after
so much of work I always felt that I needed to do something with education as that was my passion
and love Gaining confidence to teach during my sabbatical and learning French as a hobby all started
and my passion to make sure conceptual learning overpowered traditional learning. Initially with
teething problems to establish our venture which started with a home setup and gradually moved into one branch and then to another branch and with 14 years of experience in teaching the French language
to Professionals, Hobbits, Students of all academic boards let it be National, international, State board
and Olympiad we have aced all of these areas. Our UPS has been teaching French with À difference.
I have always believed in holistic growth Along with conceptual learning as a key factor which I have
been imparting in my students and they have been performing excellently in Academics, Personal and
professional front because of that. We have had students from all parts of the world learning French
online and offline. Covid impacted the education business in a positive and a negative way. Where we
educators had to adopt new technology, methods and were learned that nothing in this world can
stop educators from being dedicated to their work and this proved À boon and we were facilitated
With zeal to achieve success and never give up, I have been very wealthy with friends and well-wishers who stay motivated and keep me motivated, and helped me to achieve what we have. To
conclusion I received À beautiful message to wake up with À friend sending me this message to
acknowledge the hard work I have been putting in for my work
Successful people can't relax on chairs.
They relax by WORK.
They sleep with a DREAM.

And Work towards GOALS.
That's the SPIRIT of life
This motivated me to stay grounded and thank each one of you for your love and trust
Together we can and will make difference in education and develop global citizens for India

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