Nakul Jain - Founder | Architect | Film-maker, NJDC (Nakul Jain Design Consultancy)

Chandigarh, India

Nakul is an Architect and Double Gold Medallist from the prestigious government institution School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi. His experience with leading Architects in the industry during his tenure of training and practice have proved useful to understand closely the amount of detail that goes into creating the simplest of buildings. He has been taking professional photographs and making films in the fields of Architecture, Interiors, Corporates, and the Development Sector for over 10 years. His work has been featured on various online and offline platforms, magazines, and reputed publications. He attended the World Architecture Festival at Amsterdam 2019 were a few of the architectural projects documented by him were competing for the Building of the year. 
He has won several awards and accolades in his young career span & continues to push the boundaries and explore newer ways to photograph, film & document. Along with all of this, Nakul is spiritual at heart and likes to lead a healthy lifestyle. In his free time, he practices parkour and calisthenics while also maintaining a healthy diet. 

Nakul loves to travel and experience new cultures, buildings, spaces, and people. He believes that the world has a plethora of brilliant stories to be documented. He gets motivated with every tour he undertakes along with his team to fulfill his heart’s creative hunger while enjoying every moment of the process, be it the ups or downs that every experience brings. He believes that today, the world eats with the eyes and there is an immediate need for people to be able to create meaningful content for the ultimate digital satiation.
Nakul’s work clearly stands out as meaningful and creative. His content carries context-specific details which come across as apt to the trained eye while remaining pleasing and aesthetically appealing to one and all. He envisions his team to grow immensely in the Visual Media Content creation space and create a one-stop solution for Architects, Builders, Developers and Corporates, and alike.

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