Mrs. Roopa Manikandan, Founder - BrainTech Learning Centre - Tech Learning Centre

Chennai, India

Mrs. Roopa Aravamudhan, course designer and Founder of BrainTech Learning Center, is over 15 years of teaching experience. Her work over the years has been well recognized by international institutions and has bagged her multiple awards and applause from leading educators in India and across the globe.

BrainTech Learning Centre is offering various Skill development and Academic aiding courses, in both Online & Offline Channels. Innovative, Friendly, Caring approach being instilled in each classroom and our courses.

Multiple platforms (Stage shows, periodic competitions, Online Promos, Social media) exposures are being made available for our kids to show-case their talents, and to compete with peers across regions.

Braintech learning centre believe in our KIDS, and they’re the one’s going to make our tomorrow’s world a better, brighter place. With ever growing competition, and innovations both opportunities and competition are endless. Hence we focus in identifying Child’s interest and sharpen their interest for them to excel in their aspirations.

Action Speak Louder than Words, we follow this in all our plans, and actions. As we concentrate more on our processes, Results are by product of the processes we follow, and will take care by itself.

Below are few milestones in our journey, resulted by our ever evolving processes:

Asian awards - Best teacher award from Asian education awards 2021-22

Asian awards - Best coaching centre 2021-22/22-23 Indian glory education awards - Best online coaching centre 2021-22/22-23

GTEA - Best coaching centre 2022-23

Business mint under40 category 2021,2022

Global educonclave GEC 2023

best skill initiative centre And many more.

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