Most Admired Luxury Interior Decor Showroom - 2022


The Business. The Idea. The Showroom. The Culture.
So the idea that this unit would not be just another “High-end luxury bath & kitchen store” culminates from the fact that this showroom will be a playground for Architects, Designers, and Home-Owners alike, where they can run wild with their imagination and creativity. Every square inch of this 8000-square-foot standalone boutique showroom is a testament to that fact. From the moment a client enters the showroom till the quest and thirst for the best blend are not satisfied our meticulous and tenacious team will be relentlessly focused and persevere till the finest outcome is achieved.

Sanitary-Ware trading has been our business for generations,
3rd, to be precise. Established in 1983, International Sanitations started out to be an expansion of an already bourgeoning business. Our first tryst with an International Brand was even before that, since then there has been no looking back (albeit only for good memories and experience), or as the saying goes, the rest is history. Continuing our journey, we had the immense privilege of joining ranks with Casa Mia, a powerhouse in its own rights, to build what would be a collaborative unit called “INTERSAN”.

Design is an expression. An aesthetic expression is an art. And boy have we put our heart and soul into our showroom’s design. Every brand has been allocated its own unique space and our mockups have culminated in forming this synthesis of design styles from across the world. Our philosophy is simple and in simplicity lies all true elegance. We aim to keep it simple because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. With this mindset, we aimed for a Gucci-esque design of our showroom while keeping it simple and also involving the global-local of our own heritage and culture albeit in an abstract version. When you look at our showroom’s elevation (façade) you will see an abstract version of our very own Char Minar in a flat plane. With this Design Philosophy, we aim to create a benchmark, a yardstick of sorts for incredible, simple, functional, and value-based projects for our esteemed clientele.

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