InterioArc Design Studio - Excellence in Interior Design & Architecture ( Residential ) - 2022, Bengaluru

Bengaluru, India

Based in Bangalore, InterioArc Design Studio is a young Architecture and Interior Design consultancy firm that has garnered considerable popularity across the city in a brief span of time. Since its formation, the firm has built an admirable repertoire of diverse projects, ranging from residences to hospitality and retail spaces of varying scales.

The interiors and architectural design of a space reflect the personality, lifestyle and taste of the user, which is different for every individual. Drawing upon this, InterioArc’s design ideology revolves around crafting of spaces as per the clients’ specific needs and requirements, with a strong endeavor to help them achieve their envisioned spaces. The firm ardently believes in the power of surroundings on the mood and sense of well-being of the occupants, and therefore strives to devise designs that celebrate their clients’ individual identities through personalized aesthetics of their spaces.

Ar. Halima Sadya, the Founder and Principal Architect of the budding firm, is an adept designer. With a staunch outlook against the cookie-cutter approach, she defies the notion of having a singular style of design and believes in embracing new concepts for every design proposal. Within each project, she sees an opportunity to search, innovate and create novel solutions that are exclusive to the users and their spaces.

Halima Sadya is known for working in absolute cohesion with her patrons - from budgeting to choosing of materials, and going out of her way to understand the client’s needs. A perfectionist at heart, the architect supervises all her projects with meticulous attention to details and leaves no stone unturned in creating splendid designs-from concept till the end of execution stage.

With a modernist and minimalist take on architecture and interiors, InterioArc Design Studio specializes in crafting luxurious spaces with comfort at its core. Elegant and timeless spaces that redefine luxurious lifestyle in a sophisticated manner are characteristic to this firm. 

Time and again, through a number of projects that had a relative budget constraint, InterioArc has proven that luxury is not synonymous to wealth; it is possible to impart richness to a space with thoughtful selection of colors, materials, accessories and patterns that altogether exhibit finesse, thereby successfully synthesizing opulence with economical designs.

Similarly, a conscious approach to spatial planning can ensure clutter-free spaces, a modus-operandi that the team of InterioArc swears by. Even for volumes that may not be amply spacious, they are able to achieve considerable openness and smooth circulation across the spaces through well resolved plans that include appropriate choice and strategic configuration of the constituents of the rooms such as furniture, partitions, etc.

A number of completed and ongoing projects of InterioArc Design Studio across Bengaluru are a testament to the immense potential of the trailblazing firm, who continue to leave their mark through their commitment and consistency towards designing highly aesthetic and functional spaces that exude luxury in a simplistic way.

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