Hardikaditya Lunawat, Founder and CEO - Fintin - FinTech

Pune , India

Hardikaditya Lunawat, the Founder and CEO of Fintin, is an individual whose life journey has been shaped by a deep-rooted connection to business, a passion for finance, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the financial landscape of India.

Born into a Jain family, business was not just a career choice for Hardikaditya; it was in his blood. His early education took place at one of India's most prestigious schools, the Jain International Residential School (JIRS), setting the stage for a life dedicated to learning and growth.

Hardikaditya Lunawat's educational journey continued as he pursued a BBA LLB degree from Symbiosis Law School (SLS). This unique combination of business and law provided him with a strong foundation that would later prove invaluable in his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Beyond academics, Hardikaditya's life is a rich tapestry of diverse interests and achievements. He is a state-level archery player, demonstrating his dedication and discipline in areas beyond the boardroom. His love for horse riding reflects his adventurous spirit and willingness to embrace challenges, much like his approach to entrepreneurship.

Hailing from a socially renowned family, Hardikaditya Lunawat has always been deeply connected to social causes and community involvement. He has taken on leadership roles as the chairman and Board of Directors member in various social organizations like Rotaract and JITO, where he has actively contributed to the betterment of society.

From a young age, Hardikaditya harbored a strong desire to become an entrepreneur. His journey began at the age of 16, where he started gaining business exposure in various domains, including law, FMCG, tire manufacturing, printing, and construction. While he explored different industries, finance always held a special place in his heart, given his family's rich background in the field.

Hardikaditya's family history is deeply intertwined with finance, with his grandfather serving as the chairman of a cooperative bank for over 40 years, and his father running his own NBFC. This background not only provided him with a wealth of knowledge but also instilled in him a sense of responsibility to carry forward the family legacy and make a meaningful impact in the financial sector.

Recognizing the growing need for financial inclusion and accessibility in India, particularly among the youth, Hardikaditya Lunawat founded Fintin. This fintech company has a clear mission: to provide instant micro-credit loans within 10 minutes, addressing a pressing need in the underserved credit market of India. Fintin has already made significant strides, having raised a seed round and achieved a valuation of 30 crores.

Fintin is not just a business venture for Hardikaditya; it's a commitment to serving a larger purpose and solving a significant problem. With a vision to become one of the largest fintech companies in the near future, Fintin is poised to redefine financial accessibility for the youth of India.

In conclusion, Hardikaditya Lunawat's journey from his early education at JIRS to becoming the CEO of Fintin is a testament to his unwavering dedication to entrepreneurship, financial inclusion, and social impact. His diverse interests, rich family legacy, and vision for Fintin highlight his drive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the youth in India by providing them with accessible and instant financial solutions.

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