HERBSMINE AGROTECH PVT LTD - Agriculture Startup of the Year 2020


HERBSMINE AGROTECH PVT LTD Has Been Awarded as Agriculture Startup of the Year 2020 in Nationwide Awards 2020 Organised by Business Mint


We are into the business of Mighty Greens, in collaboration with farmer community across India. There is an ever increasing exponential global demand of high value quality products .India tops the chart in global production of various agri commodities, but still the farmer community suffers as the right platform to realize their produce into true monetary potential is not available, due to lack of awareness and proper knowledge. 

Realizing this humungous gap between global demand and facilities of trade available to farmers, we ventured to corroborate with farmers to give them a hands up and acting as a catalyst in their certain prosperity by providing them global platform through our business and marketing services, which help us resonate with the National vision of “Make in India and provide to the world”.

We deal in exports, consultancy, contract farming, trading,food proccessing and cultivation of high value agri products with high demand both in international and domestic domains

Promoters have 5 offices across Pune and 3 offices in London, Dubai, and Manila from associated businessesof Real estate and interior designing and have a registered real estate firm that is based out of Pune

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