H.E. Dr. Varun Gupta - Education Advisor, State of African Diaspora & Executive Vice President, ON SKY GLOBAL USA


Dr. Varun Gupta is acclaimed as an Indian Peace Ambassador to promote UNSDG, Education Advisor to the State of African Diaspora; Executive Vice President of ON SKY GLOBAL (USA); COO of Cambridge Career College (UK) and Director of Pingkash International Consultants (India); a top Educationist and Entrepreneur who works with higher learning institutions offering liaisons and consultations to the world of Education and Trade sector.

He is a server on board of one dozen global firms in the academic sector and has collaborated for years with many international educational organizations to develop specialized programs being run for the uplifting of the African people. He has distinguished himself with the pedestals of rich academic and professional experience and a young budding intellectual scholar in the education service industry. Also, Swadeshi’s business and products are what Dr. Varun Gupta supports falling in nexus with the thought process of honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji.

Dr. Varun Gupta is an eminent skill developer, motivational speaker, and corporate trainer on leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, personal excellence and liaisons with universities, etc. He is known to bring people, technology, institutions, and management together for a better business ecosystem. He believes to treat all living beings with respect and consideration prevails to promote the transition to sustainable ways of living.


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