Eastside Office - Architecture and Interior Design Firm to Watch in 2022 - Kolkata

kolkata, India

They say context is everything. Nowhere does this apply more than in architecture. Context lies in the location, material, environmental considerations, and the people inhabiting that region.

The Eastside Office helps translate that inspiration into bricks and mortar. The journey began in 2016 in Kolkata with a small and dedicated team. Over the years, the core

group expanded to include other complementary disciplines. Today, there are teams based out of Delhi and Calcutta that work on a diversified portfolio of architectural and interior design

projects. From commercial spaces to residential complexes, cafes, and restaurants to retail spaces, each project poses unique questions and requires bespoke design solutions.

Architecture isn’t just art, but science. The focus on hand drawings, sketches, and modeling processes define clear lines of action for every project. There is an emphasis on using locally available materials and adapting classic techniques to modern times. Eastside Office is a solution-driven company that aims to solve design problems for clients. Through workmanship and expertise, Eastside workers help bring every project to life. If every design tells a story, they possess the unique vocabulary to articulate every part of the tale.

The design principles can be summed up in two words: Indian minimalism. An ethnic reinterpretation of reality through the lens of pure imagination. Matched with passion and dedication, Eastside creations aspire relentlessly to the apex of design. inspiration is found in the world around us, hiding in plain sight. All one needs to do is look.

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