Dr. V R Veeramaneni - Outstanding Contribution to Real Estate Industry in Vastu Category

Hyderabad, India

Dr. V R Veeramaneni Has Been Awarded as Outstanding Contribution to Real Estate Industry in Vastu Category in Nationwide Awards 2019 in Real Estate Awards Category Organised by Business Mint

Vastu Acharya Dr Venugopal Rao Veeramaneni living in Hyderabad rose to International fame as a most-trusted Vastu and Astrology Consultant. The veteran Discovery Scientist with around 45 International publications and patents, eminent gemmologist, a triple Doctorate holder in Chemistry, Vastu & Astrology respectively possesses 39 years of expertise in Vastu tradition and nw heads the Veeramaneni Institute of Vastu Sciences – An Institute for Indian Traditional Architecture (IITA). The Multi-talented Acharya has a great insight into Vastu and by the awards received he is referred to as Vastu Bramha, Vastu Sarvabhouma, Vastu Samrat, Vastu Seva Shiromani etc.

Vastu Shastra is an architectural tradition widely followed across the world for its promising results. Taking its origin in ancient India, it emerged as a “Science of Architecture”, a detailed study of design, layout, measurements, and its space arrangement including geometric pattern, symmetry and directional alignments. Relics state that Bramha Explained it to Garga who passed unto Parashara, later to Bruhadardha and then to Viswakarma revealed it to the world. Excelling in such an art and bringing a scientific approach happens to only few and Dr. V R Veeramaneni is one such.

With a Vastu clientele from all the cities, major towns within India and 30 plus countries across the Globe, Dr Veeramaneni is also an illustrious advisor of Astrology and Gems. He Received critical acclaim for the technical ingenuity in Vastu and from International Venues won numerous paramount awards like “Glorious Vastu Consultant of India”, “Pride of Asian International Award” “Best Corporate and Commercial Vastu Consultant of India”, and “Best Industrial Vastu Consultant of India”. He is the best at offering scientific Vastu Solutions for better living and keen impart this glorious knowledge to the enthusiastic Architects, Civil Engineers, and Interior Designers by facilitating seats in his Institute located at Hyderabad.

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