Dr. Sneha Rakesh - Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 - Technology Category

Bangalore, India

Dr. Sneha Rakesh Has Been Awarded as Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 - Technology Category in Nationwide Awards 2020 Organised by Business Mint


Dr. Sneha Rakesh, a rural entrepreneur traveled all the way from Hassan to Belgium, creating success stories. She is a woman entrepreneur who has achieved great heights in the technology industry. With sheer dedication and heightened passion, she has done everything to reach the position where she is today. She followed a common saying: never to quit, and don't lose hope. She always believed that after attaining a single goal, people should set another goal to achieve it. By doing this, she has achieved all her objectives and has gained great fame. She is a champion in the industry and is a well-known figure for her adversity.  


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