Dr. NEELIMA ARYA - Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 - Hyderabad


Dr. NEELIMA ARYA Has Been Awarded as SSocial Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 - Hyderabad  in NationWide Awards 2019 in Women Awards Category Organised by Business Mint

Dr. Neelima Arya strongly believes in the concept of “Giving back to the society”. The city of Hyderabad has given several opportunities that helped her grow personally and professionally. Hence, she has always wanted to contribute to the betterment of the community she lived in. Even when she had worked for different organizations and pursued various roles in her distinguished professional career, the thought of starting an organization that will selflessly serve the society has never left her mind. Matched with that passion, her in-born concern to address the most essential needs of our society led to the inception of Apple Home Foundation, which she named it after her daughter.

The foundation is Dr. Neelima Arya’s brainchild, whose very name is synonymous with success, stability, and strategy in diverse roles throughout her professional career that spanned over 17 years during which she perfected as an Academician, Professor, Strategist, Media Professional, Creative Head, and as an Accomplished Administrator. She is known among her peers to be a bold, high-spirited, and always led from the front braving sky-high obstacles.

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