DZIGNS Architecture and Interiors has been recognized as The Most Credible Firm of the Year - 2022, Bengaluru in Architecture & Interior Design Category


Santhosh Kumar , who always had a dream to paint the wings of the dream house of people, acquired his qualification in Architecture from Hindustan Institute Of  Technology And Science, Chennai. Though his roots are dwelled in Coimbatore, he have now shifted and settled in Bangalore from past 22 years with supportive and charming family of four. Having a soft corner towards nature and animals have made him to understand the sensitive aspects of life and to light up on his career. 

He says mind-fullness meditation and positive approach towards life have made wonders, which also enhances the work of creativity and innovation. He is a person who believes that in a nut shell architecture is all about a relationship between space, people and happiness; and so design has the power to make a world a better, happy and healthy place to live. To work on this theory of creating happy spaces he created DZIGNS ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIORS which is a baby flower bud of Santhosh, founded in 2001 having an office in Bangalore, Coimbatore and Kocchi, is now blooming across the country and abroad having completed over 850+ projects in 40+ cities opening up the lock with a key of trust, he have succeeded his mission of serving people through designing the dreams. 

Ar. Santhosh has been featured in the magazine as one among top 15 architects of India and awarded for his best work in high end residential architecture and interiors. His passion towards designing and creating every building unique and to be a landmark of the particular locality always upheld his name in the field. Being a professional architect his  elevations always included that one particular element that emphasizes the building uniquely. His oeuvre, spanning large corporate interiors, industrial buildings, institutional campuses, residential villas and layout developments, religious buildings, IT Parks, hospitality and commercial buildings which always have a unique character in term of  both form and function. 

DZIGNS builds trust and close working relationship between the architect and the client for the success and smooth functioning of any undertaken project. Santhosh says, their forte is attention to details and customization. Honesty to design, client satisfaction, and sustainability are the driving forces, along with the ability to constantly explore and evolve. 

Walking towards the goal of creating a iconic building always kept his enthusiasm alive and focused thorough the journey. Till date he have personally trained  hundreds of trainees, students and employees who says that they not only have gained the technical and design knowledge in the field but also learnt the the social skills and life learnings from Santhosh, and his personality always keeps the employees motivated and inquisitive

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