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Hyderabad, India

I am Vimal Srikanth Dasari, operate a Wallpaper and home furnishings studio in Hyderabad.

Our journey started in the year 2017 with a team of 2 people with a passion for wall covering which we later made it our career.  Every day, Design Walls –The Wallpaper Company continues to deliver successful innovative designs to our customers. Why are we so successful? Because we are passionate and love what we do! We are at the forefront of future designs, with solutions that ensure the satisfaction of our clients in key industries that are shaping the future of the world we live in. We are the only company who have an in house design studio, sales team and our own manufacturing unit We have associated with Action Tesa for wooden flooring & Asian Paints Nilaya  Wallcoverings, and Good Rich & Excel Wallcoverings for we have a team of 40 people & completed 6000+ projects and counting....!

We believe in a strong policy  “Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement” so we focused more on the service which is one of the challenging tasks in the interior industry but with the dedicated team, we could be able to do it with ease. Let us bring your ideas to life! Make your home look Beautiful....!

Every custom-made wallpaper from Design Walls features a happy and dedicated team operating behind the scenes to deliver the most effective wallpaper in India to you. every wallpaper goes through many groups WHO place in their exertions in order that your wallpaper reaches you in time.Your selected wallpaper then goes through our efficient production team at our facility who print the wallpaper on the highest quality paper and guarantee zero wastage.The wallpaper is then prepackaged safely and sent by our customer service team, who is usually at your disposal for all on-line wallpaper queries.

The wallpaper reaches your step and is given life through 

Our installation team and voila, your imagination is on your walls!


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