Colonel Rohit Dev, COO - Punjab Renewable Energy Systems Pvt Ltd (PRESPL) - Most Promising COO of the Year - 2022, Renewable Energy Category

Delhi, India

Modern industries are efficient machines that obtain the desired results and achieve predetermined goals. One way in which they attain this is the intricate corporate structure. The first key element of the said structure is the personnel who constitute the same. The COO(Chief operating officer) is second in command in the hierarchy and answers only to the CEO(Chief executive officer) of the enterprise who happens to be the topmost authority. The person in the COO role has to be dynamic, must have excellent leadership qualities to lead in the absence of the CEO, and command respect among the entire organization by sheer individuality. One such personality is Colonel Rohit Dev; COO of the Punjab Renewable Energy Systems. He is a person with a distinguished military career which spans 24 years. The experience and knowledge that he gathered from such a long military tenure helped him in his corporate job.


Throughout his career, he has distinguished himself from his peers. He was a graduate of the National Defense Academy and has done several certification courses from prestigious institutes such as IIM, NIFM, and IIMC. During his military career, he had the distinct honor of carrying out missions on the behalf of the United Nations in Africa. Throughout his life, he has held multiple important appointments and has excelled in fulfilling his duties. He is known as an expert in logistical and operational aspects which has enabled him to rise to a unique position within the armed forces. He is widely regarded as a person who has a penchant for thinking out of the box. These qualities of thinking quickly on his feet and devising innovative solutions to complex problems are what make him an ideal COO in the cutthroat corporate culture. His military experience also incorporates a certain discipline in his life which in turn is integrated into the organization he works in. He has vast experience in leadership roles; so he can effortlessly act as the deputy to the CEO and make sure the daily operations don't skip a beat. His already vast knowledge and his urge to constantly increase the same are invaluable assets which in turn have a directly proportionate effect on the productivity of the organization as a whole.


The army experience also enhanced his HR skills which only augments his ever-impressive portfolio. He has already made a significant number of appearances on televised debates as a military expert which is a great testament to his oratory skills. A COO must have this skill so that he can galvanize the entire workforce by his words when the chips are down which is an eventuality in today's world where outrageous competition in the market is a hallmark of the times we live in. But with his calm presence and an equally enigmatic quality Colonel Rohit Dev has managed to surpass all the obstacles in his path and therefore has achieved the C-SUITE AWARD as the most promising COO of the year. As the moniker of the award states it's given to someone who is known to have great potential to be one of the most prominent players in the corporate industry space.

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