Chintal Design Studio - Most Prominent Architectural & Interior Design Firm -2021, Gujarat

Gujarat, India

CDScreate ambiances that cast a spell, and designs that provide captivating visual narratives. CDS is a leading name in the field of interior and architectural design based in Ahmedabad.
They are involved in projects from conceptualization to completion. The innate sense of style, ability to blend in functionality with materials & aesthetics, and whimsical imagination is their USP. Residential and Commercial spaces that speak of understated elegance, and hospitality projects that have become cool hangouts for the young at heart.
They have created iconic spaces that reflect the essence of each individual’s personality. Every client-specific interior or design has the unmistakable stamp of CDS. It exudes energy and spirit in a delicate and subtle fashion. They love discovering clients’ vision and approaches for each project with an open mind to create something unique. Their interest in global and local trends in fashion, lifestyle, and design is reflected in their projects whether it be residential or commercial space design.

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