Brand Card - Best Emerging Product of the Year 2020 - Digital Brand Cards Category


Brand Card Has Been Awarded as Best Emerging Product of the Year 2020 - Digital Brand Cards Category in Nationwide Awards 2020 Organised by Business Mint

Online meetings and networking took a rise in the graph of networking around the globe. There was still a hesitance in sharing an individual connect or one-page profile with respective clients and new networks online all at one go. This gave shape to the whole new concept of Brand Card. Brand Card was created with a vision that encompasses the digital age in every way possible. We decided to adapt a networking medium that was safe, contactless and at the same time efficient and environmentally friendly. "Business cards for the digital age" quotes Arhaan Shaikh, Director of Brand Card. Who also adds that "This is the future of how people are going to share their business profiles online through WhatsApp, Zoom, LinkedIn, Mail, and many other such social networking sites." Brand Card aims at providing exquisite digital business cards that can be shared with innumerable people infinite number of times, from Anywhere, Anytime. Our goal is to make cost effective business cards that can make networking easier and provide direct links to the contact details and social media details of the user.

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