Best Emerging Sustainable Brand of the Year - 2022, Sanitary Pads Category


Flyira, from the house of SHAZES, was founded in 2020 by Dr. Shahid Sheikh and Mrs. Sadequa Ruheen who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of women, both from different workplace backgrounds, getting together with their vision and with their quality products. 
Dr. Shahid Sheikh is a philanthropist with a business background who has done his Doctorate in Business administration from the UK. A great visionary and has a huge passion for service to people. His ideologies are brought to life by Mr.Viswanathan Ganapathy, Director – of Operations and Business Development. He concentrates mainly on serviceability through NGOs. 
Flyira is an emerging brand of sanitary pads trusted by most women & adolescent girls and aims to create awareness about the importance of menstrual hygiene, access to quality sanitary pads, and waste management.
Flyira is research-focused and innovative, as the company says “Flyira products speak for themselves”. Flyira pads are designed using best-in-class raw materials and premium grades that provide greater comfort, and odor and prevent leakage.
Flyira flies under the visionary views of Dr. Shahid Sheikh “… Aiming to create one million jobs for women in rural India in an economically profitable and sustainable way... making Affordability and Availability to be on the same platform.” Another important aspect is Waste Management – disposing of used pads.
One of the best things about Flyira Sanitary Pads is their contemplative packaging as every napkin is accompanied by an Oxo- bio-degradable cover that helps in decomposing via sunlight. Packaging is the biggest way we communicate our brand. “FLYIRA” as it says “Fly in this era” as it brings an international, aspirational approach. It’s a great example of consumer-driven brand design.
Flyira has been sheltering women under its hood by giving them working opportunities and assisting in being a Re-seller. In this way, Flyira indigenously supports Women's Empowerment with open hands. 
Flyira's mission is to extend towards adopting villages that are under process by joining hands with a few NGOs, and MNCs. 
Flyira distributes through four main channels:
•    Direct to the consumer (at expos and kiosks).
•    To schools and hospitals.
•    To NGOs that are working with school-aged girls all around the states.
•    Through online portal and other e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Google shopping, Nykaa, Shopclues, Indiamart, and Shopify.
Flyira is aggressively aiming for the Indian retail market and looking for wholesalers and distributors. Products can be seen in the Southern market in Q4, 2022
Flyira’s Growth:
Flyira got its first set of users from family and friends. It helped them in growing and, they had more than 8000 customers. The mouth publicity and positive words for the brand helped in gaining more customers. Flyira They have a considerable number of followers on Instagram. It helps them in reaching a larger group of people with the help of the platform.
Flyira sold more than 8,00,000 pads in the last 6 Months.
They have received positive reviews from almost all of their customers for their high-quality and comfortable products.
Their average delivery time also got lowered from 7 days to 4 - 5 days.
They deliver in more than >2000 codes in India as they have got tie-up with renowned logistics partners.
Their monthly revenue has grown rapidly.

Challenges faced by Flyira:
Competitors -
Flyira has a lot of competitors in the market. Some of them have been in the industry for more than two decades and, it is hard to overshadow those brands. They have a good hold on the market and, their customer base is also in the millions.
Brand Stickiness -
This is a common thing in almost every sector. It is difficult for any new brand to make their customers believe in their product. Usually, people are not that comfortable with changing their brand they are comfortable. Especially when it is about feminine hygiene, it becomes hard to convince them.
Less Awareness -
Millions of women in India are not well aware of feminine hygiene and safety. They prefer going with the traditional way of using the products and do not want to switch. The brand needs to make its customers aware of its products and their benefits.
Some of the upcoming plans of the company are as follows:

They are planning to launch more feminine hygiene-related products shortly.
The company is expecting good growth in the financial year 2022-2023.
Their demand is increasing globally because of their positive user reviews. Flyira is planning to expand in the international market as well.
Flyira plans to become a one-stop destination for female products.
They are planning to double its revenue in the fiscal year 2022-2023.

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