BarADay - Best Healthy Snack of the Year 2019


BarADay Has Been Awarded as Best Healthy Snack of the Year 2019 in Nationwide Awards 2019 in Startups & SMEs Awards Category Organised by Business Mint

BarADay Natural Energy bars are made with power packed nutrient rich Superfoods - Dry Fruits, Nuts and Seeds in a convenient form for you to carry along easily and eat anytime you want. These bars can be your go-to option for pre-workout or post-workout energy needs, OR to start your day as a breakfast option OR as an evening snack to keep you going.

There Story

Well, its more of a journey, in pursuit of healthy food. Unfortunately it was a difficult journey because there are no healthy food choices or very limited choices, which are mostly not tasty, not convenient and very expensive.

In fact we Indians are pretty quick in adopting to unhealthy fast food choices and we became the dominant consumers. But far behind when it comes to picking up healthy food options. At the same time there are many reports getting published about an increase in lifestyle diseases in India and we are on the cusp of facing an epidemic. Unless addressed on an urgent basis, loss could be fatal/irreversible. Things looked scary ! And I felt really bad about the situation. 

Then I realised that I am not the only one who is frustrated and unhappy, but many are actively seeking healthy food and are worried about non availability. That was the moment I decided to do something about it and contribute my part to address this problem.

BarADay Hearty Bite - Power packed Superfood Energy Bars

Traditionally we Indians love to snack a lot. Wouldn’t it be great if you can snack on something which is healthy and also provide enough nourishment ?! Thats how BarADay took its shape with fully loaded nutrient rich Superfoods - dry fruits, nuts and seeds as core ingredients. And we made sure BarADay is 100% natural, with No added preservatives, No processed foods, No added sugars and No added flavours. Ofcourse we took care about taste, after all its food :)

We believe nutrient rich superfood energy bar is one of the best formats to reach large number of people. 

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