BVM INTSOL - Most Promising Interior Design Studio - 2021, Pune

Pune, India

BVM  Intsol was founded with a vision of making each home appealing and beautiful at affordable pricing. To create the most functional, emphatic, and affordable spaces by constantly raising the lock, stock, barrel, and bar in design, technology, and professionalism; thereby delivering absolute customer delight. BVM creates spaces that feel like home, unique and personal. With a focus on details, impeccable execution, and a dedication to quality, they are here every step of the way.
BVM's portfolio includes some of the most beautiful homes in Maharashtra, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru and is known for its quality raw materials, seamless execution, and transparent pricing.
Each interior design project starts with careful consideration of what matters most to the clients, their interests, style, and budget. BVM takes inspiration from everything around, from nature to architecture and beyond. Since quality is their cornerstone, the team adheres to strict standards for raw material and execution. They are committed to delivering projects on time with guaranteed delivery because we know that nothing is more important than the trust of clients.
Since its inception, BVM has catered to more than 2000 clients and has been established as one of the most premium design firms in India.

About the Founder:
Vishal Sharma, CEO, and founder
Vishal gives shape to the overall strategies and roadmaps in BVM Intsol and is a believer in continuous knowledge upgrades. He is an Engineer and  MBA from Premium Institutes in India with more than 15 years of corporate experience in multiple industries at global leadership positions. Vishal has experience in working with brands like Bajaj, Pepsi, Bristlecone, IBM, Fujitsu, and Cognizant. He became an entrepreneur in 2014 and set various ventures in the Interior and Architect Industry. He brings in Passion, clarity of thoughts, and true leadership to take everybody along for a journey to success. He has been awarded various credentials in his corporate and entrepreneur life.


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