Arjun Vellal - Outstanding Leadership Trainer 2020, Bangalore

Bangalore, India

Arjun Vellal Has Been Awarded as Outstanding Leadership Trainer 2020, Bangalore in Nationwide Awards 2020 in Entrepreneur Category Organised by Business Mint

Arjun Vellal is an award winning coach, trainer, and leadership expert. He is the recipient of Outstanding corporate trainer award 2017 from MTC Global a UN affiliate organization at the Work Edu Summit 2017.

In the last few years he has consulted and trained over 250 companies across India and Asia. In total so far Arjun has spoken to over 250,000 people on subjects of leadership, sales & customer servicing, business strategy, self esteem, building high performance teams, mentoring, goals, success psychology, happiness and many more.

Arjun Vellal is highly regarded for his groundbreaking training methodologies and leadership coaching, that has influenced teams and leaders in collaborating, innovating and achieving success. Arjun Vellal is in the process of several researches and authoring books, his mission is to help individuals and organizations determine their goals and evolve to achieve success and affluence.

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