Arinjay Rajj - Outstanding Contribution to Transformational Mindset Coaching


Arinjay Rajj  is awarded as Outstanding Contribution to Transformational Mindset Coaching in Nationwide Awards 2020 Organised by Business Mint


Arinjay Rajj is a well-known figure attached to the foundation and is thriving for years to deliver redefined transformational self-worth. He is a national faculty at the Art of Living foundation and has been inspiring Indians for years now. He has also co-authored the popular book "Being Employable". This book has a collective knowledge of experts from different domains and the co-author belongs to diverse professional backgrounds. He attends several classes, and mentors numerous individuals by his speeches and experience in the industry. He is a brilliant coach who can transform mindset successfully in people. He is a great speaker, and coach who has been transforming lives.  

He is also a State Council member of Youth Leadership Training program with more than 20 years of experience in the field of positive psychology, meditation and yoga. He is also a certified expert from the Harvard Medical School and has been helping people cope with the acute stress they are going through because of COVID-19. He has been helping individuals go through the stress phase so that people can get away from the worries of the pandemic.  He has also trained corporates and other individuals to attain optimum results by adopting holistic lifestyles. 

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