Ammucare Charitable Trust - NGO of the Year


Ammucare Charitable Trust Has Been Awarded as NGO of the Year 2019 in NationWide Awards 2019 in NGO's & Non-Profit Awards Category Organised by Business Mint

Ammucare is a registered non-profit organisation formed by P.K. Mohan (Mohanji) in India in 2003 in honor of his daughter Ammu, who passed away at the tender age of 4 in a tragic road accident. 

Though registered in Kerala, India it has grown beyond regional barriers to be accepted by a wide spectrum of people from different parts of the world. As a charity platform it has given an opportunity to many like-minded people in their efforts to channel their individual contributions and efforts.

Ammucare aspires to bring to all its volunteers, peace, happiness and higher evolution, by expanding their personal world to encompass the entire universe and thereby being transformed to be an integral part of the universe.

It is dedicated to caring for all life on earth.

Ammucare works throughout the world to provide resources and services such as food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education and other means of support that empower and uplift the helpless and needy.

Ammucare aims at higher evolution, by expanding one's personal world to encompass the entire universe and transforming into an integral part of the universe.

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