Abin Sam Architects - Best Emerging Urban Design Company - 2021, New Delhi

New Delhi, India

Abin Sam Architects is a dynamic and progressive architecture, interior design, and urban design firm. It was founded in 2017 by Architect Abin Sam. Along with registration with the Council of Architecture, the firm is recognized by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises. The studio consists of a collaborative team that enjoys working together and engaging in knowledge and experience sharing. The studio is a one-stop solution for architectural and interior design, urban planning, structural and civil engineering, electrical, plumbing, sanitary engineering, air-conditioning, fire fighting systems, quantity surveying, estimation, and project management. They believe that in order to address today's challenges, architecture can profitably expand into a largely unexplored field. They create architecture through the fusion of traditional and contemporary elements to alter the surface of our surroundings to better accommodate contemporary life forms. They believe that their work has the potential to make a positive impact on the world in the upcoming generation. They seek to create forms that serve as catalysts for positive urban and social change, rather than as objects in and of themselves. In terms of architectural services, renderings, and project execution, the firm has worked on a diverse range of projects, from institutional, commercial, and residential to low-cost appropriate architecture for traditional and modern architecture. The pavilion design structure created by the firm has been awarded in architectural design competitions. Simultaneously, the team is developing acoustic studio designs that serve as a design structure for the upcoming studio forms in a cost-effective layout. The firm is accessible to anyone interested in investing in their dreams through design. Ar. Abin Sam, the principal architect, defines architecture as the art and science of ensuring that our designs are compatible with the way we want to live in the modern era. He believes in the idea of information-driven design as the driving force behind his design process through careful analysis of various parameters, ranging from local culture and climate to the ever-changing patterns of contemporary life and the ebbs and flows of the global economy. He asserts that we are all architects, planners, and designers seeking to alter the course of human history. The idea that cities are the incubators of our greatest achievements and the best hope for a sustainable future is at the heart of our practice.

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