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Delhi, India

Entrepreneur Aashish Bhardwaj's Sociopool, a one-stop marketing platform for the young talent of India and emerging tech startups from the globe targeting Indian audiences.

Pursuing your passions makes you more interesting, and interesting people are enchanting. One should always follow their passion, opportunities and success will be on their way. In today's times there are lots of career opportunities, but can you be so sure of sticking to your educational path in spite of understanding your keen interest and skills? The answer to this should be no. Everyone should grasp the opportunity coming their way even if it requires a change of mind and more hard work. One such personality is Aashish Bhardwaj, the founder, and CEO of Sociopool India.
Aashish Bhardwaj basically belongs to a family surrounded by government job persons. Aashish Bhardwaj, a 29-year-old MBA was making his career in CA. Aashish Bhardwaj decided to think outside the box and despite being on a professional career path and job background, moved his steps towards starting his own venture. The decision of dropping out of studies and starting his own venture, emerged a new revolutionary social media platform, Sociopool.
Sociopool, established in 2015, is a social and Influencers marketing company giving an opportunity to entrepreneurs from the globe to grow their business socially in India. With a wide range of influencers having a network of over 500 million on trending social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Sociopool is the first company promoting brands through YouTube videos and Instagram memes in India in 2015.
The revolutionary idea of reaching a wide range of people with just a click resulted in the huge success of Sociopool, rewarding its passionate and dedicated founder Aashish Bhardwaj. Sociopool has worked with hundreds of influencers, channels, production houses, singers, celebrities, animators, movie promotions, and much more.
Sociopool is the result of the great ideas of a business-minded person, Aashish Bhardwaj, who has gained mastery in finance and corporate planning with 7+ years of experience with an additional 5 years of expertise in marketing and strategy management making him apt for successfully running his own business. Sociopool emerged in the markets of India with an aim to help promote one's products against audiences from different platforms across the country.

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