1 Click Capital - Best Emerging Fintech start-up of the year 2022

Mumbai, India

The threat of COVID grew into the MSME sector like fuel. Companies started collapsing one after the other and during the same time, it became hard for banks to provide their loans without prior networks. The older and the mightier firms had no such fear. This was also the time when 1 Click Capital’s long journey in the financial sector gave birth to this dream, but it was the pandemic that revived it. 

1 Click Capital is a fintech partner for everyone who needs financial assistance when their day goes south. Be it an individual or an organization. We understand the needs of our specialist segments—HR & Insurance—and go above and above to give you the feeling of having a friend you can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their thirst to solve this credit crunch in the SME and MSME sectors was finally formed. Such a big step in the fintech world can easily fall before it even starts but they found immense support through the bonds they share. The advice received from family, friends, and industry experts helped them get through this venture. They have tied up with over 400 corporates and around 3762 individuals across 14 sectors whom they have seamlessly financed. They have registered their primary offices in Delhi and Gurugram but have their head office located in Mumbai.

1 Click Capital offers three vital benefits: Limited Paper Work – It has been recognized that the value of your time and, rather than requesting truckloads of paperwork, they use their paperwork to acquire a sense of your business; Speed and Ease - Uncertainty is undoubtedly the most formidable foe of preparation. They aim to bring clarity to your application within 48 hours of your submission; 24/7 Utilization - You can access your passbook or use your limits at any time of day or night once your limit is generated in the 1 Click system.

1 Click Capital brings to you three major services which might solve your problem. 1 Click Payroll: 1 Click Payroll is a short-term loan that we provide to organizations to assist you to bridge any salary gaps. It's a financial limit that we set for organizations that you can use in part or entirely as you see fit. 1 Click Salary Advance: Here we provide advance salaries to the employees. We tie-up with your organization in simple steps and through them we provide you advance salaries or Contingency Salaries when you are in need. 1 Click Insurance Funding: 1 Click Insurance Funding offers annual employee group health premium payouts. It aids the employment process and helps the organization attract qualified resources.

It has not been long but 1 Click Capital has already earned great testimonials for themselves for their fluency in business solutions which has made them win the Best Emerging Fintech start-up of the year 2022 - 1 Click Capital. Chintan Siddhapura from Yash Industries says “We met 1 Click Capital at a very crucial point in time. The time when we were stuck between whether to take loans or to deduct salaries. Employee satisfaction was our primary goal and 1 Click helped us with that. Bad Credits were not a problem, it did not take sheets of documents and leaps of days to avail us of the payroll”.

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