Nationwide SME Awards - 2022


Nationwide SME Awards – 2022 is the 30th Event of Business Mint Nationwide Award series

Business Mint offers the Business Mint's Nation Wide SME Awards-2022 to recognize SMEs' devotion, providing a legitimate chance to support and share our goal of elevating the prominence of industrious, hardworking, and ambitious SMEs across the country. Corporate awards are a sought-after badge of distinction, a real acknowledgment of business success that gives tremendous marketing and public relations possibilities. Business Mint Nationwide SME Awards-2022 honours entrepreneurs that strive to build world-class goods and services, establish the highest standards, and utilize possibilities throughout the world. These prizes not only help Indian SMEs obtain greater access to money, technology, global markets, and high-quality labour, but they also bring a previously disparate set of companies together on a single platform. Micro, small, medium, trade, manufacturing, service, support, and entrepreneurs are just a few of the outstanding facets of business covered by Business Mint.

More than 1000 nominations were received from a variety of industries, including real estate, education, healthcare, marketing, software, aviation, and media.

Business Mint published a list of firms, agencies, non-profits, and government organizations run by corporate leaders whose groups and missions have resulted in success.

Business Mint – India's Best Market Research Company – evaluated and developed the Business Mint Nationwide SME Awards-2022, one of the country's most distinguished awards. The annual Business Mint awards are designed to honor people who have achieved amid a difficult global economy. As far as specialists are concerned, Firm Business Mint delivers a full study of the business and a complete run-through of the most outstanding components of the finest.


List of Nationwide SME Awards-2022 Winners:

  1. KLUG FURNITURE - Best Emerging Brand - 2022, Corporate Furniture Category (Karnataka)

  2. Amuktika by Annanya - Best Emerging Jewellery Designer of the Year - 2022, Delhi

  3. Enchanté Café & Confectionery - Best Standalone Café & Confectionery of the Year - 2022, Hyderabad for Celebrations

  4. TKT Engineering Consultant Pvt Ltd. - Most Promising SME of the Year - 2022, Maharashtra in Engineering Consultants & EPC Category

  5. IND ‘O’ KIDZ - Mumbai's Most Prominent Indoor Play Center and Party Venue for Children - 2022

  6. PROPMARSHAL INDIA PVT LTD - Best Emerging SME of the Year - 2022, Mumbai in Property & Financial Consultancy Category

  7. Dermaplast™️ Aesthetic Clinic - Most Promising Clinic of the Year - 2022, Mumbai in Transplant & Restorative Services for Hair Category

  8. Verch Consulting - Most Admired SME of the Year - 2022, Talent Acquisition Category

  9. SSA COMPLIANCE SERVICES LLP - Most Promising Company of the Year - 2022, Employment & Labor Law Advisory Category

  10. Astro Kanu - Best Emerging Astrology App of the Year - 2022

  11. Dentelligent Dental Solutions Pvt Ltd - Most Prominent Dental Lab of the Year - 2022, Andhra Pradesh

  12. MNT Technologies - Most Prominent IT & Audio Visuals SME of the Year - 2022, Gujarat

  13. AK Engineering Solutions - Most Promising SME of the Year - 2022, Maharashtra in Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

  14. Sharp International Lubes Pvt Ltd - Most Promising Company of the Year - 2022, Automotive Lubricants Category

  15. Cloudtool Technologies Private Limited - Most Prominent SME Leveraging IT for Business Performance - 2022

  16. Macphar Remedies - Most Promising Pharmaceutical Company of the Year - 2022, Jaipur

  17. Foxy Advertising - Most Prominent Ad Agency of the Year - 2022, Andhra Pradesh

  18. Plots Kaka - Best Emerging SME of the Year - 2022, Hyderabad in Real Estate Marketing Category

  19. Obal Innovations - Most Prominent Eco-friendly and Reusable Pallet Cover & Wrap SME of the Year - 2022, Ahmedabad

  20. Radiant Infonet Private Limited - Most Admired SME of the Year - 2022, Developing & Designing Assessments Category

  21. Kerala Cafe - Most Promising Kerala Cuisine Restaurant Brand - 2022

  22. - Best Emerging SME of the Year - 2022 in Jaipur for Digital Marketing Services Category

  23. Brain Tech Learning Centre - Best Emerging Learning Centre in Chennai - 2022

  24. Geetanjali HomeState Pvt Ltd. - Most Admired Real Estate Company of the Year - 2022, Gurgaon

  25. Nanolite Infratech Pvt.Ltd. - Most Promising SME of the Year - 2022, Brick Machine Manufacturers Category

  26. PG Communication - Best Emerging PR & Communications SME of the Year - 2022

  27. Hanging Hammer Interiors - Most Prominent Interior Design SME of the Year - 2022, Hyderabad

  28. DR.RJ's White Smile Cosmetic & Family Dental Clinic - Best Emerging Cosmetic Dental Clinic - 2022, Kochi

  29. To The Nines - Best Emerging Unisex Salon of the Year - 2022, Pune

  30. Munch Booth by Gangotree - Most Admired Café for Designer Chaats - 2022, Bengaluru

  31. Magneton Technologies Private Limited - Best Emerging IT Services Company - 2022, Bengaluru

  32. Minimac Systems Pvt. Ltd. - Most Promising Company of the Year - 2022, Lubrication Reliability Category

  33. - Most Prominent SME in AI Softwares - 2022, Madhya Pradesh

  34. ASSB Consultants OPC Pvt Ltd - Best Emerging Recruitment, Tourism & Event Management Company - 2022, Chennai

  35. Medlink Pharma Pvt. Ltd. - Most Prominent Pharma Company - 2022, Ahmedabad

  36. BelWether Group - Best Emerging Web Designing Company - 2022, Mumbai

  37. The Global Pharma Equipments - Most Promising Company of the Year - 2022, Pharma Equipment's Category

  38. The Good Food Guys - Best Emerging Restaurant Brand - 2022, Hyderabad

  39. Jaju's Flooring Concepts - Most Prominent Flooring Company of the Year - 2022, Bengaluru

  40. Kanika Rana Fine Jewellery - Best Emerging Bespoke Celebrity Jewellery SME - 2022

  41. Sun Green - Best Emerging Women-Led Horticulture SME - 2022, Andhra Pradesh

  42. SpeedForce - Most Promising SME of the Year - 2022, Multi-Brand Two-Wheeler Servicing Category

  43. Invest Advise - Most Prominent Wealth Management SME of the Year - 2022, Noida

  44. Senior Care Genie - Most Prominent SME of the Year - 2022, Senior Care Category

  45. Glitter'o Glaze Studio - Most Promising Makeup Studio & Academy of the Year - 2022, Nagpur

  46. TATVA HR Service Providers - Most Prominent SME of the Year - 2022, Bengaluru in HR, Statutory Compliance & Labor Law Category

  47. ACEnovation India Pvt Ltd - Best Emerging Innovative Conference Company - 2022

  48. United Pixel - Best Emerging Digital Marketing SME of the Year - 2022, Bhubaneswar

  49. TuitionHUB - Best Emerging Company of the Year - 2022, Online Tutoring Category

  50. Rotomaker India Pvt Ltd - Most Promising VFX Company - 2022, Hyderabad


Mr. Vinay Kanth Korapati, Founder of Business Mint says, The awards are "exceptional", and they honor "ground-breaking ideas, innovations, and improved work processes." These activities, he said, will recognize and celebrate the new Eco-framework while also encouraging SMEs to look at the sky. He believes that some of them will go on to become future unicorns and examples of overcoming adversity in India that will be seen by the rest of the globe. In today's competitive business environment, reputation and credibility are crucial, and they are earned. If you can position yourself as a distinctive thought leader or expert in your field, it will make a huge impact on your brand. I'd want to thank and honor every SME, especially the Nationwide SME Awards 2022 Winners. It's a joy to see so many SME professionals from so many various companies and areas together to achieve our common goal.

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