Nationwide Design and Architecture Awards - 2023

New Delhi, India - Business Mint, a leading market research & media consulting company, proudly announces the successful conclusion of the 46th Awards show under the category of "Design & Architecture." This event marks the third edition of the Nationwide Awards in the field of design and architecture, where Business Mint recognizes the top 75 companies and outstanding individuals in this industry.


The Nationwide Awards have become a prestigious platform to acknowledge and celebrate excellence in various sectors. Business Mint has been organizing these awards events both online and live, ensuring wider reach and participation from across the world. With 45 successful editions so far, the Nationwide Awards have gained immense recognition and have established themselves as a benchmark for achievement and innovation.


Under the category of "Design & Architecture," the Nationwide Awards seek to honor companies and individuals who have demonstrated exceptional talent, creativity, and expertise in their respective fields. The top 75 companies in the design and architecture sectors have been carefully selected based on their remarkable contributions and achievements in the industry.


In addition to recognizing companies, the Nationwide Awards also present special awards to outstanding individuals and top-performing companies that have significantly contributed to the design and architecture sectors.

The Top 75 Organizations in the Interior Design and Architectural Industry

⦁    Archinnovatio Studio, Ranchi
⦁    Envisage, Gurugram
⦁    NEXUS WORLD, Haryana
⦁    Studio 55 Architects and Designers, Mumbai
⦁    Combination's, Hyderabad
⦁    W+ Design Studio, Goa
⦁    Culture Concept Interior Solutions, Hyderabad
⦁    BY - DESIGNS Solutions , Mumbai
⦁    Wolarc, Ahmedabad
⦁    AAKAR - THE DESIGN HOUSE, Hyderabad
⦁    Ayansen Architects, Kolkata
⦁    Designer’s Lounge, Hyderabad
⦁    1VISION, New Delhi
⦁    Design Walls, Hyderabad
⦁    Kala by Pallavi, Pune
⦁    STUDIO SORTED, Bangalore
⦁    Nack Studios, New Delhi 
⦁    PURPLELOFTS, Maharashtra
⦁    9 square designs, Ahmedabad
⦁    Ensemble, Bangalore
⦁    Kalopsia, Gujarat
⦁    Prominent Space, Bengaluru
⦁    Intro space, Bengaluru
⦁    Divyahanda designs, Gurugram
⦁    JAD Studio, Mumbai
⦁    Jagannadham Interior, Hyderabad
⦁    BKP homes, Hyderabad
⦁    La’espace Design Studio, Hyderabad
⦁    Design Box, Noida
⦁    LunnArk lighting, Bengaluru
⦁    MANSVI Automations, Bengaluru
⦁    DEMIURGIC, New Delhi
⦁    R+S Architects, Mumbai
⦁    In-ex, Bangalore
⦁    HI-TECH MODELS (Architectural & Industrial Model Makers), Hyderabad
⦁    ACE Kitchens & Wardrobes, New Delhi
⦁    DreamCatcherzz, Mumbai
⦁    Constro Chem, Chennai
⦁    Aalishan Furniture & Interior, Bengaluru
⦁    INTERSAN, Hyderabad
⦁    Cowboy Sofas, Hyderabad
⦁    CherryStone Mattress, Noida
⦁    RR Living, Pune
⦁    Krsna Associates, Hyderabad
⦁    Design Lab Vyoma, Mumbai
⦁    Sarom Fab Pvt. Ltd, Bhiwandi
⦁    Danube Home, India
⦁    SAJID  ASSOCIATES, Warangal
⦁    Deco-Arte, New Delhi
⦁    J Design Studio, Ahmedabad
⦁    Dziner kitchens, Chennai
⦁    Meticulous Design    Surat
⦁    4th Dimension, Visakhapatnam
⦁    Lush Interiors, Hyderabad
⦁    DZIGNS Architecture and Interiors, Bengaluru
⦁    Live Fabulous - Redefining Interiors, Gurgaon
⦁    MWM Spaces Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
⦁    DIVA Interiors, Hyderabad
⦁    Bryck Red Design Studio, Bengaluru
⦁    Dilip Mevada & Associates, Jabalpur
⦁    Serene Designs and Consultants Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
⦁    Happy Living Interiors, Hyderabad
⦁    Vaastu & Beyond, Goa
⦁    Brahmi, Bangalore

Special Awardees


⦁    K N Panchal Contractors, Mumbai
⦁    CK Infini Group, Hyderabad
⦁    Build on Infra, Hyderabad
⦁    V ASSOCIATES, Hyderabad
⦁    Mavensoft, Hyderabad


⦁    Srinu Babu.P, CMD - Happy Living Interiors, Hyderabad
⦁    Vidisha Agarwal, Co Founder - Bhrami, Gurugram
⦁    Mudit Agarwaal, Founder - Vaastu & Beyond, Goa
⦁    Surabhi Laddha, Production Designer, Mumbai
⦁    Sweety Somashekar, Founder & Managing Director - StructCAD Design and Engineering, Mangalore

Mr. Vinay Kanth Korapati, the visionary founder of Business Mint, expressed his gratitude and excitement for the successful execution of the 46th Awards Show by Business Mint. He said, "The Nationwide Awards have become a platform for recognizing and appreciating the exceptional talent and innovation in the design and architecture industries. We are thrilled to witness the growth and success of these awards, and we remain committed to promoting excellence and driving progress in this sector."


About Business Mint: Business Mint is a leading platform that recognizes and honors achievements across diverse industries. Through their comprehensive events and awards programs, they provide a platform for companies and individuals to showcase their excellence and establish themselves as industry leaders. With a mission to inspire, connect, and empower professionals, Business Mint plays a pivotal role in fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration. Business Mint is renowned for its commitment to recognizing excellence and promoting innovation in various sectors. With a strong focus on fostering growth and creating networking opportunities, Business Mint continues to bring together industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts to inspire, learn, and collaborate.

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